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Effective Sales Conversations: Stop Pitching

Joel Weldon, creator of Joel Weldon’s Ultimate Speaking System says that if you want to turn a conversation into a human connection and then turn that connection into a relationship, and that relationship into a win-win? The answer is simple: read Stop Pitching!

What is Stop Pitching?

Stop Pitching is an eye opening book by Dean Harder (available on Amazon), that will effectively show you how to attract and engage others into meaningful dialogue so that the other person compels them to take action that helps them get what they want. Effective sales conversations don’t actually feel like a sales conversation to a prospect, it feels easy-going and natural.

Jones Loflin, author of Always Growing noted that he found himself highlighting so many insights from it and practicing his own sales process along with the outlines Dean gives in various chapters. He highlights that this book goes way beyond a guide to improve your sales skills.

It’s a field guide to initiating, managing, and continuing conversations that matter, and that’s important regardless of your station in life.

Who is Dean Harder?

Dean Harder is an active practicing professional in the life insurance industry, as well as a leading influencer in enhancing the sale process for both the consumer, as well as for the professional.

He uses financial strategies, tools and one-on-one coaching experiences to help you see, hear & feel your future come to life today. This experience we’ve created has resonated with people in 35 states across the United States.

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Stop Pitching

Over the years, Dean learned that solving a problem starts by first defining the purpose, not by first defining the problem. Defining purpose starts by asking questions, like… What do you want? Where are you trying to go? What are you trying to get? All important aspects of having effective sales conversations.

Once you define & understand the purpose, it’s quite amazing how the problem suddenly becomes clearer. And now you and I get to solving the real problem that’s keeping you from what you want.

Notably, Dr. Kieta Demming, Director of Development & Innovation, The Covenant Group shares his thoughts on the book stating that high-performing salespeople are skilled conversationalists who focus on the stories of their clients, not on their own. They make use of simple but strong tools, including scripts that have been incorporated into their very being without ever feeling canned. In Stop Pitching! Dean Harder shares how technical know-how combines with artistry to amplify impact in every single conversation you have.

Path to effective sales conversations

Importantly, Dean is also a sort-after speaker, book him for your next conference or sales training event is easy. Book him now to ensure he is available to speak at your event.

Dean also hosts Conversational Selling Workshops that help people with an interest in self-development, like you, to learn important frameworks he has developed to have effective sales conversations.

Stop Pitching, Start Chatting.

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